Direct Mail & Admail

Once you have your piece created, you need to get into the hands of your potential customers.
Traditional methods, such as the local paper, are becoming less efficient as newspapers become less local, and more people skip the local paper and get information off the internet.
Direct mail and Admail can get your message into your future customers hands faster and more effectively than inserts and handouts. Not only that, but the virtue of being with the mail means that your message has a much greater chance of being noticed than a bundle of flyers in the middle of the paper.

For example; You have a sale that starts in 5 days, and your product is used primarily by businesses in your area. An Admail campaign can not only be sent out within two days and targeted to be delivered only to businesses. That means lower printing costs and more effective targeting!
For an example; the cost to send a standard postcard or brochure to every business in Tillsonburg is roughly $100* (not including printing costs). That ensures delivery within 3 days to your target audience. Not only that, but instead of printing thousands of flyers, you print hundreds.

*Using the Unaddressed Admail service from Canada Post

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